Me Manifesto

Macys - Believe by Tattooed JJ, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License Photo by  Tattooed JJ 

Shelly Terrell, from the Teacher Reboot Camp blog and #Edchat, is so inspiring and motivating! I have long followed her blog and I was excited to learn about the start of another cycle of her 30 Goals Challenge. This week marked the kick off to the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators 2012. The theme for this 3rd cycle is “Dare to Believe”. Shelly has posted an introductory video and in it she explains this year’s theme. The focus of “Dare to Believe” is to help teachers believe they can make changes in their classrooms and communities, and that students are key part of this change as well.

The first challenge is to create a Me Manifesto publicly expressing your principles and intentions, and this will act as a foundation for moving forward.

  • What do you believe about life? Learning? Teaching?
  • How do you learn?
  • What is important to you?
  • What ideals to you carry in your classroom?

The format for creating your Me Manifesto is wide open—any tool or platform will work. Share your Me Manifestos on your blogs, Twitter or even add a comment to Shelly’s post. Share them with your students and have your students create their own.

I found great value in the reflective process of creating my Me Manifesto. I discovered that my blog has really helped clarify and articulate what is important to me, what I value, and what I am committed to in teaching, learning and education. I created my Me Manifesto using my go-to tool Glogster. Please click the image below to take a peek.

Me Manifesto using Glogster

I’d love to know what you would put in your own Me Manifesto. If you are also participating in the 30 Goals Challenge please let me know. I think it is a fabulous way to inspire blog posts, share with other educators, and focus our sights on believing and bringing about change.

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