My Nominations for the Edublog Awards

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In previous years I have used Edublog award nominee lists as a way to find excellent blogs and resources but I have never participated in the nomination process. This year as the deadline looms (December 2) I began to consider taking part. EC&I 831 truly ignited my involvement and participation online, and consequently I am reading far more blogs than ever before. I have gained such an appreciation for the many educators putting themselves out there to the benefit of all of us. As I have often shared in my posts, there are countless blogs that impact and inspire me. I try to highlight and share these as often as possible on either my blog or through my tweets. Narrowing it down to only a few blogs in a few categories is very challenging. By no means are my nominations all encompassing as there are many, many bloggers to which I am most grateful and appreciative.

Definitely without hesitation for the category of Best New Blog I would, if I could, nominate every single one of my EC&I 831 classmates. I am so humbled, in awe, and inspired by the risks they have all taken by blogging and pushing themselves out into the open to share and explore. Taking this journey with such brave people has been instrumental in my own growth. So to all of you—thank you for your blogs and your courage. Reading your posts have pushed my thinking, clarified my understanding, challenged me to wonder and question, validated my journey, and connected me to you and your work. #youmatter

Below are my nominations for the Edublog Awards 2011.

Best Individual Tweeter: @shareski

  • Dean Shareski is a brilliant example of walking the talk. He openly and enthusiastically learns and shares online. His tweets reflect his belief that sharing is a moral imperative. I have learned so much through the resources, ideas, questions and learning that Dean so graciously shares with the world. Thank you, Dean!

Best Classroom Blog: Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

  • Kathy Cassidy blogs with her Grade 1 students! That statement in itself should rock your world. Following the amazing posts on her classroom blog make me smile, wow me, and remind me of the unbelievable potential in our students at every age…given a teacher who believes in them and takes risks for their learning. Kathy, you are my hero. You have inspired me to advocate for the use of classroom blogs in our school district. You are paving an awesome road. Thank you!

Best Group Blog: 184 Days of Learning

  • Each school day a contributor (administrator, teacher, student) from a school in the Parkland School Division posts a 250 word submission answering the question “What did you learn today?” This group blog beautifully showcases and honours a wide variety of voices and perspectives that are not always heard. Thank you, Parkland School Division for sharing your stories!

Best Ed Tech/Resource Sharing Blog: Free Technology for Teachers

  • Richard Byrne’s blog was one of the first blogs I followed for ed tech resources and I have been a loyal reader ever since. It is always the blog I go to when I am looking for a tool to… I am never disappointed. Richard has an amazing way of finding terrific resources and illustrating their potential use in classrooms. Thank you, Richard for your commitment to sharing—you are making a difference!

Most Influential Blog Post: Ditch Internet Filters!

  • Mike Fisher’s post is a terrific call to action. He challenges existing and outdated policies around filtering that have a direct and frightening impact on students and their learning. This post has become a cornerstone in my arsenal for pushing forward and advocating for change. Thank you, Mike for loudly sounding the alarm!

Best Twitter Hashtag: #Comments4Kids

  • This hashtag supports student blogging by encouraging people to comment on student blogs. When a teacher tweets a link to a student’s blog post and attaches this hashtag it represents a request for comments, and the opportunity to make an impact. What a brilliant way to make a difference and foster student blogging!

Best Open PD/Unconference/Webinar Series: Global Education Conference

  • An amazing five days of solid, round the clock, online, and free sessions from presenters all around the world. The diversity and quality of sessions is incredibly impressive. With the unbelievable wealth of sessions it is next to impossible to attend them all but fortunately all sessions are recorded and available online.

Best School Administrator Blog: The Principal of Change

  • George Couros consistently writes open, honest and positive posts about learning and leading. He too subscribes to the sharing philosophy, and as a result his posts are rich with ideas and resources that speak directly to educators. “You should read” is a regular post in which George highlights a selection of “great stuff” being shared on social networks. You are inspiring—thank you, George!